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Duggal Receives HP Inkspiration Award at Dscoop Dallas

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Duggal Receives HP Inkspiration Award at Dscoop Dallas

Duggal Visual Solutions was once again a recipient in HP’s Inkspiration Awards, presented in partnership with Dscoop, the largest digital printing cooperative in the graphics industry.

HP Inkspiration Award Logo

The 2018 awards for the most innovative work produced with HP digital printing technology were presented at Dscoop Dallas on March 25th. Duggal received the award in the Publishing category for its work on “Winter In New York” a book for client Don Doherty, as well as the award in the Photo Book and Photo Application category for “East Of The Sun” produced for client Drew Tal.

HP Inkspiration Awards

“We need to recognize that digital printing, digital printing methodology, digital data technology, and the creative process are coming together more rapidly than ever,” said Dana Arnett, one of judges for the Inkspiration competition and Founding Partner at VSA Partners, in a press release. “This competition specially addresses those urgent and important priorities that are facing both the printing world and the creative world.”

HP Winner Drew Tal

HP Winner Don Doherty


As a recipient of two inaugural HP Inkspiration Awards when the concept began in 2016, we are proud to continue to receive recognition alongside our fellow industry leaders who attend Dscoop.