Duggal Recycling Report- November 2010

Duggal Visual Solutions has partnered with a leading recycling company to maintain the goal of recycling a minimum of 80-90% of waste from all of our production facilities.

Due to our continued success with this process, we are now able to extend this service to our clients, complete with monthly reports documenting the recycling of their used graphics.

Please check out our latest records.

November 2010 Recycling Results

91.24% -Corporate Location- 29 w. 23rd Street
80.72% -Building 500- Large Format Printing
81.98% – Building 42-46
85.66% – Building 62- Direct to Substrate, Digital Offset Printing, Laser & Router Cutting

We are also working with ITAC to reduce our lighting energy by over 60%. Keep a look out for the final transformation.