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Duggal to Introduce LUMIPIXELS™ at Design Pavilion During NYCxDESIGN Week May 12-20

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Duggal to Introduce LUMIPIXELS™ at Design Pavilion During NYCxDESIGN Week May 12-20

Duggal Visual Solutions and the Duggal InnoLab are preparing to bring a true highlight to NYCxDesign, the official design week of New York City spanning all five boroughs and more than a dozen design disciplines.

As the print and production partner for Design Pavilion in Times Square, Duggal is one of only four exhibitors in the Inflate Pavilion, the central hub of the nine-day showcase where we will be displaying the InnoLab’s new LUMIPIXELS™ publicly for the first time. By employing proprietary light tiles, LUMIPIXELS™ create a uniquely harmonious blend of light and graphics. Light emotes through pre-programmed sequences of pure white or full-color animation filtered by fabric.

Lumipixels Swarovski

To showcase LUMIPIXELS™, the InnoLab is recreating its sleek, award-winning architectural display in collaboration with Hunter Douglas. A companion display of  Swiss artist/director Fabian Oefner will utilize LUMIPIXELS™ to bring a new sense of motion to his already awe-inspiring imagery. Viewers will first notice the sheer size of the pieces – each 14 feet long – before being drawn into the theatrical elements and vivid light.

Lumipixels Hunter Douglas

Aside from their entrancing visuals, LUMIPIXELS™ offer an evergreen and scalable solution to creating engaging environments. They can be reskinned and reprogrammed with ease to formulate a brand-new display. LUMIPIXELS™ are ideal for retail, hospitality, exhibitions or virtually any atmosphere where you can envision a wall delivering a “wow” moment.

Lumipixels Hermes

The Duggal InnoLab is also involved in several other exhibits in the Design Pavilion, including booths for Herman Miller and New York Magazine. The Pavilion is open to the public May 12-20, 2018. Learn more about LUMIPIXELS™ at, and then come experience the next generation of visual displays – along with a world of innovation and inspiration throughout the show – in person. We hope to see you there!


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