Duggal Visual Solutions, InnoLab Featured in Wide-Format Impressions


Duggal Visual Solutions, InnoLab Featured in Wide-Format Impressions

An August 2018 article published by Wide-Format Impressions provides an in-depth look at the trends driving today’s retail window displays, highlighting Duggal Visual Solutions and the Duggal InnoLab as industry leaders.

“Duggal crafts captivating window installations for some of the world’s largest flagship stores,” journalist Eileen Fritsch writes. “In collaboration with retail teams, Duggal designs and manufactures custom fixtures, lightboxes and displays, and uses a combination of window films, photographic backdrops, CAD-cut vinyl, digital signage and interactive multimedia touchscreens.”

Fritsch continues:

“Meanwhile, the Duggal InnoLab team educates retail, museum, hospitality and experiential designers how to envision and anticipate the latest trends in visual communications. In the 12,000-sq.-ft. InnoLab showroom and creative space, a diverse group of technologists, 3D animators, industrial designers, retouchers, photographers and multimedia experts show designers myriad possibilities for both printed and digital media, including next-generation OLED displays.”

InnoLab’s Glenn Rabbach and Blaze Gregorio offer their insight—Gregorio saying, “The U.S. retailer teams know they need to be experiential, but don’t know how to go about it. Our InnoLab is a youthful team and we’re aware of all the technology out there. Experiential is second nature to us.”

The article includes additional input from several designers and industry experts, making for an objective, informative read with plenty of takeaways. Read the full feature here.