Duggal works with MILK Studios

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Duggal works with MILK Studios

Duggal Visual Solutions and Kamhi Kolor worked with MILK Studios and artist Kristian Schmidt to create an amazing exhibit. Duggal printed approximately 40 photographs each 40″ x 60″ on a variety of materials including metallic, canvas, and Dibond. The metallic prints were mounted onto gatorboard while the canvas prints were stretched onto frames. The images were installed with Velcro on the back except for two that hung from the ceiling. The suspended images were hung using fishing line and the prints had grommets in the corners.

Andrea Bastidas Tamburello of Kamhi Kolor designed the light plan for MILK Studios fourth floor studio because there was not a light system installed for exhitions. The lighting was done in such a way that several of the images looked like they were lightboxes. Andrea also designed three 8’x12’ mobile walls to hang additional prints. All work was completed the day of the event in just under ten hours.

About Kristian Schmidt:

Kristian Schmidt a Grammy nominated music video director turned photographer has successfully merged his wildlife photography with Fashion putting a Japanese edge to it with all his cultural backgrounds. He is currently hosting his own travel show capturing all the insanity of being out in the wild with the animals to the big cities with the models and the industry.

Click here to learn more about Kristian’s upcoming TV show: www.thekristianworld.com

For more information about Kristian please visit http://www.kristianschmidt.com/

For more information about MILK studios please visit: http://www.milkstudios.com



Installing custom lighting and mobile walls (above).

MILK Studios 4th floor studio (above).

Custom lighting to make the images glow (above).

Image suspended by fishing line with grommets (above).