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Duggal’s execution of UNIQLO’s vision

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Duggal’s execution of UNIQLO’s vision

In just short of two years, Duggal Visual Solutions’ relationship with esteemed client UNIQLO continues to grow and flourish. Bright colors and universally fashionable style make Japan’s UNIQLO one of the hottest casual wear retailers on the global stage. Duggal continues, with its execution of UNIQLO’s vision, to support the retailer in its redefinition of fashion display and store design.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Store Box

While initial projects early in the relationship had Duggal rolling out graphics to 7 retail locations, Duggal’s Giselle Behrens is now providing consultation, and Jeff Harris, production coordination, of graphics to nearly 40 stores, also handling delivery and installation.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Mannequin Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Logo Close Up

Duggal’s latest project featured the production and installation of large precision-cut, self-adhesive vinyl banners featuring UNIQLO’s signature ‘raindrop’ graphic. This required extremely close attention to detail as UNIQLO designers required that the graphics, applied to large glass fixtures, present the raindrops all falling in one, consistent direction, a great feat considering the project required a total of almost 250 vinyl panels.

Uniqlo Warer Defender

Another facet of the latest project was the production of larger-than-life UNIQLO jackets, printed by Duggal at nearly 5 feet wide. These impressive direct, double-sided prints on board are cut to shape and are key in attracting customers closer to product displays offering UNIQLO’s ‘Water Defenders’ gear.

Sharing a common goal to elevate the shopping experience above and beyond that which is typical, Duggal’s continued innovation and flawless execution are perfectly in keeping with UNIQLO’s unique vision.