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Duggal’s LumiPixels™ Light Up Levi’s Time Square

DVS Project

Duggal’s LumiPixels™ Light Up Levi’s Time Square

For more than a century, Levi Strauss & Co. has been a globally recognized powerhouse in the world of denim and casual fashion. When it came time to ensure their Times Square flagship location looked just as good as their jeans, it’s no surprise that they chose to partner with Duggal Visual Solutions.

Opting for a simple yet elegant window display, Duggal’s Fabrication Department and the Innovation Lab chose to utilize colorful, bottom-lit cages to showcase some of Levi’s recent products and ad campaigns. As an added touch of magic, ticker-style LumiPixel™ screens border the windows to bring the whole display to life. 

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The display is just another opportunity that Duggal has had to make a statement in New York’s Times Square, helping brands catch the eye of tourists and natives alike as they take in the brilliance of the Big Apple.