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Duggal’s Sustainability Policy & Initiatives

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Duggal’s Sustainability Policy & Initiatives

At Duggal, Sustainability means a philosophical commitment to innovate, detoxify and recycle across all aspects of our supply-chain and production processes. We realize that there is no such thing as a zero-carbon production process, but by eliminating environmentally hazardous materials throughout our product line and working with our customers, we can truly make a difference. We are raising the bar for the entire graphics industry to adopt environmentally responsible practices and reduce their collective ecological footprint.


In creating Duggal’s sustainability vision we drew inspiration from resources such as the Natural Step, Cradle to Cradle and Life Cycle Analysis that are sustainability frameworks to aid in environmentally friendly product development, printing processes as well as responsible end of life management. Products like Eco Weaves, Eco Ultra Poplin, and Eco Wallpaper have allowed us to offer immediate alternatives to their toxic substitutes used as a standard by the rest of the industry. Our entire Eco-Imaging product line is designed as a closed loop system, so when the products manufactured reach their end of life, they are transported to our partner recycling facility and brought back into the production chain. Currently we are recycling between 80 – 90% of all waste in each of our four main production facilities.

In our corporate location on 29 w. 23rd street we worked with ITAC (Industrial + Technology Assistance Corporation) to reduced our lighting energy usage by over 60%. ITAC replaced all of our 275 bulbs with energy efficient bulbs to save energy and reduce costs. Over the next year we hope to update our heating and cooling system to reduce our energy usage even more.


• We will identify and create one or more continuous improvement projects for our facility’s sustainability performance.

• We maintain an on-going effort to prevent pollution by emphasizing reduction, reuse, and recycling in each of our facilities.

• We are determined and passionate about sharing information on sustainability performance with all stakeholders.


Duggal is committed to providing safe environments in which to work. All locations must be in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environment Health and Safety (EHS) regulations and other regulatory requirements. Safety issues and violations of regulatory requirements will be addressed promptly. In addition to meeting our obligations, Duggal takes proactive initiatives to make safety a top priority. Duggal will establish and maintain programs that will manage safety concerns in all of our facilities. We will never ask or expect an associate to perform any task or operate any machinery that is considered unsafe. Associates are charged with the responsibility for maintaining safe practices and conditions in everything they do.


• We will identify and monitor applicable EHS regulations and maintain compliance.

Labor and Employment

Duggal believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. Any conduct that fails to show appropriate respect to others including fellow associates, customers, professional customers, vendors and suppliers violates our values. The following are examples of unacceptable conduct: insults; threats; intimidation; profanity; ridicule; vulgarity; discrimination; harassment; physical or verbal abuse; sexually explicit humor; conversation or behavior; gossip; slurs or stereotyping; unwelcome sexual advances; unwelcome touching or invasion of personal space; ignoring the rights of others; and insensitivity to the beliefs and customs of others.
Duggal complies with all federal, state, provincial and local employment laws including regulations on pay rates, overtime, occupational health and safety and equal employment opportunity. As an equal opportunity employer, Duggal is committed to ensuring that associates work in an environment of mutual respect, free of harassment and discrimination. Duggal will not discriminate against any associate or applicant with regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability or any characteristic protected by applicable law.


• We will identify and monitor applicable Federal, State/Provincial, and/or local employment labor laws and maintain compliance.