Elegant Origami in David Yurman’s SoHo Windows

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Elegant Origami in David Yurman’s SoHo Windows

David Yurman’s “theatrical windows” tell an ongoing brand story of ingenuity and artistry. Contrary to the traditional, product-driven retail display that so many brands default to, the luxury jeweler instead creates visual experiences that stretch their own creative boundaries and spark inspiration in shoppers.

Duggal’s Steve Arnesen has been working with the David Yurman in-store and retail design team since 2007, consulting in every facet from material selection and installation logistics to digital media, a new addition to the brand’s repertoire in 2015. David Yurman’s summer showcase brings a set of card stock origami seagulls to the flagship SoHo store in front of a plain white backdrop.

david yurman 1

What looks like a simple display called for a high level of creativity and execution behind the scenes, two things David Yurman has come to rely on from Duggal. Led by Sugriv Grover with the help of display expert Marks Haven, Duggal’s Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 500 fabrication team took the idea from concept, to drawings, to prototype, to installation–all in a matter of days. The result is a crisp and sophisticated display that gleams at night.

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