Empire State Building Installation for the NY Skyride

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Empire State Building Installation for the NY Skyride

NY Skyride is an attraction on the second floor of the Empire State building that is a virtual tour of NYC’s beautiful sights. The idea for the project was set into action December 22 1994, and was open only on a preview basis until its grand opening on February 21 1995. The ride features a 40-seat auditorium with a moving floor that shakes and moves in conjunction with the helicopter tour on the 18-foot screen.

Duggal was commissioned to print and install one of our most challenging wallpaper murals ever. In the hallway leading up to the attraction you will find vinyl wallpaper that stretches 40 feet in length and 10 feet high on one continuous panel.  The installed vinyl has an image of Central Park. This wallpaper really surrounds you and makes you forget your even inside!

This project started with removing the old pre existing graphics and drywall. Duggal then re installed the 1/8 in drywall and re painted. We then proceeded to install the 40 foot continuous piece of vinyl wallpaper. This image is one of Duggal’s largest continuous piece murals. Straying away from the traditional method of paneling wallpaper to make up one full size image.

More than one million people yearly walk through the flux park each year. The mural has turned so many heads that Duggal has been asked to continue the wallpaper in other parts of the attraction.

We encourage you to go and check out this NYC must see attraction! Duggal and Skyride will bring the sights of New York to you right in your seat!