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Envisioning the Age of the Partition Shield in Luxury Retail


Envisioning the Age of the Partition Shield in Luxury Retail

A partition shield adds a clear degree of personal space between the employee and customer during a retail transaction. Some reports suggest individual protective barriers may even be implemented between passengers on airplanes following the coronavirus pandemic.

While many everyday businesses will use simple acrylic for their partition shields, luxury brands face the challenge of upholding an upscale environment amid the addition of utilitarian barriers. Fortunately, acrylic allows for custom branding and graphics. Duggal Visual Solutions is working ahead of the curve to prototype and produce branded partition shields with unique printing effects, including:


UV Inks

With direct-to-substrate printing using UV and latex inks, we are able to print white and translucent opacities. This allows us to add intricate designs with subtle flair and creativity.


Dimensional Printing

Duggal also has the ability to dimensionally print and add liquid lamination for a spot varnish effect. If you are not familiar with sport varnishing, it’s what makes an image feel raised and smooth to the touch compared to the surrounding printed area—commonly used in packaging, now repurposed for partition shields.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving and CNC machining provides the ability to etch partition shields and infill the etched area with paint, bringing color and inverted dimension to clear acrylic. While engraving is certainly tedious and time-consuming, Duggal has the equipment, staff and expertise to produce laser-engraved partition shields at high volume with fast turnaround. 



Complete a truly custom partition shield with a frame. Custom powder coating and luxe anodized jewel-tones are two of the more popular solutions we offer, with many other options available.


Your stores will reopen. Will you be ready? Contact us to learn more about branded partition shields and other graphics that combine safety, functionality and aesthetics for the post-pandemic world.