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Eye on the Super Bowl: Macy’s Herald Square NFL Shop

Curators’ Corner

Eye on the Super Bowl: Macy’s Herald Square NFL Shop

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Macy’s Herald Square is home to the world’s largest pop-up NFL Shop as the iconic department store celebrates the arrival of the Super Bowl in NYC.

Macy’s marks the south end of Super Bowl Boulevard, a free interactive fan-fest spanning Broadway from 34th to 47th Streets. The unforgettable experience is capped by a 36,000-square foot NFL Shop on the store’s 4th floor and outdoor NFL theater at the famous Broadway window display.

Inside, the main floor is an exhibition of memorabilia, from jerseys and helmets to a 15-foot high football suspended in mid-air.

Click here to read the full press release from Macy’s, complete with scheduled events and features.

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