Fashion Designers of the 1920s

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Fashion Designers of the 1920s

During the 1920s there where many influential designers that managed to maintain their name and influence in the fashion world.

Below we have listed some influential fashion designers of the 1920s. Please feel free to add more in the comments section!

One of today’s biggest names in fashion, CoCo Chanel has maintained popularity since the 1920s. Chanel started in fashion after failing to find work as a singer. She opened a small boutique in Paris named Chanel Modes. In 1913 Chanel expanded her business model and opened another store that sold deluxe casual clothes that were suitable for leisure and sport. Then soon after made a deal to begin the production of Parfums Chanel: a line of perfume and cologne to further expand their business portfolio. With innovation and new business ventures, Chanel to this day has maintained its popularity in the fashion world. Madeleine Vionnet was a popular name in the 1920 fashion industry but unlike Chanel, Vionnet is no longer a household name.

Elsa Schiaparelli was another big name in the fashion industry in the 1920s. She developed a collection of knitwear in early 1927. She is also known for her “pour le Sport” clothing line that included bathing suits, skiwear, and linen dresses. In 1931 Schiaparelli also introduced the divided skirt and evening wear to her garment portfolio making her one of CoCo Chanel’s biggest competitors.

Jean Patou in the fashion industry is known for having his breakthrough with a line of swimwear and sportswear for women. Patou quickly realized that they would have to keep with the times and trends to avoid falling behind. Patou is credited with the invention of the knitted swimwear and the tennis skirt. Patou’s clothing lines were marked to mostly rich American women, so when the stock market had crashed so did his market.

Jeanne Lanvin was another designer and mother who made clothes for her daughter so intricate and beautiful that they became recognized by wealthy people who wanted copies for their children. Lanvin was then busy making clothes for parents and children and quickly expanded her business all over France.

The fashion trends in the 1920s did not just stop at clothes. To accompany all of the new, vibrant garments of the roaring 20s someone had to design shoes as well.

Andre Perugia and Salvatore Ferragamo were well-known shoe designers. Ferragamo was an Italian shoe designer that worked with many Hollywood celebrities in creating his new shoe designs. His scientific and creative approach to shoes spawned many innovations like the wedge heel and cage heel. Andre Perugia was a French shoe designer best known for his trademark “heel-less shoe”.

Who are your favorite fashion designers?