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Fashion Fact #36- Flip Flops

Curators’ Corner

Fashion Fact #36- Flip Flops

Flip flops: Thong sandals have been around for over six thousand years. Shoes that resemble thong sandals have been found in cave paintings from the stone age and in Egyptian murals from approximately 4000 B.C. The oldest surviving pair of thong sandals can be seen at The British Museum, made of papyrus leaves from around 1500 B.C.

Flip flops were originally made with many different materials including papyrus, palm leaves, rawhide, wood, rice straw, twine, and the yucca plant. It was just after World War II when thong sandals began to appear in the United States. Soldiers would bring back the sandals from Japan as souvenirs. The sandal was redesigned with brighter colors and began to represent the surf culture and the laid back lifestyle. Today, flip flops and other forms of thong sandals are very popular and can be dressy or casual, cheap or expensive, and can be worn with almost anything!

Do you wear flip flops? What color are they?