Feed the Models Exhibition

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Feed the Models Exhibition

Seeking a new medium to represent her work, artist Jane Gennaro came into Duggal to speak to sales person Marina Stark about creating work for an exhibit at World Monuments Fund gallery. Already she had created a large number of works on paper and was seeking to have a number of giclee fine art prints produced. Jane and Marina’s collaboration took the process far beyond a few fine art prints and into a smashingly successful show.

Jane’s original works were beautiful biomorphic abstractions. Jane gathered magazine glamour shots of models and by using the presented human form as a guide she reshaped, remolded, and re-contextualized the mass-market images of desire. She used scissors to gracefully cut away more and more “excess” from the models’ bodies; graceful curving lines, weaving in and out one another, began to emerge. By removing more and more of the human figure elegant abstractions of color and shape were created, all the while moving further and further from a recognizable human and further into fantasy.

While the original works on paper were powerful and beautiful their scale was diminutive in comparison. To resolve this issue, technology and art melded together to create a very unique exhibition. Marina and Jane discussed some ideas of how to present her imagery larger for people to enjoy and Marina suggested direct to substrate printing.

Having never seen the direct to substrate printing process before Ms. Gennaro eagerly jumped at the change to investigate the process. After digitally capturing the originals, images were printed on a variety of substrates and materials for the exhibition. These include canvas, wood, aluminum, and lintec.

Many people still hold the impression that printing is done solely on paper. This is a limited view of what is currently possible. Direct to substrate printing is a printing process that allows the artist to be creative with printing on rigid substrate with the added option of showing the raw material through the work with a white layer. Some of the other materials that Duggal can print on are sintra, acrylic, wood, metal, stone, glass, mirror, and more.

The exhibition was a huge hit, especially her direct to plywood. For more information on Jane Gennaro’s work check out her website at http://www.feedthemodelsgallery.com. For more information on the process of direct to substrate printing check out Duggal’s flatbed digital screen printing service at .

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