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Finally, an Underwater Camera Made Specifically for Divers

Curators’ Corner

Finally, an Underwater Camera Made Specifically for Divers

What started as a team of divers’ dream 15 years ago has been engineered, tested, and prototyped into Paralenz, the first dive camera made specifically by and for the diving community.

In the world of underwater action cameras, Paralenz seems to have an immediate leg up on its competition in appearance alone, thanks to its sleek design. The camera is shaped like a flashlight and can fasten comfortably to a dive mask or extendable pole for various filming perspectives. It also boasts a 200-meter dive depth, blowing the 40-meter maximum depth of GoPro right out of the water.

You can say goodbye to filters with Paralenz, an impressive feat considering water is 800 times denser than air and the deeper you go, the less light frequencies are able to penetrate. Red light, for example, is the longest wavelength of light with the shortest energy and can only travel through 10 meters of water, while blue light, with the shortest wavelength and highest energy, can reach up to 60 meters below the surface.

This increasing absorption of light at greater depths dulls colors, and decreases contrast and sharpness – obviously not ideal for photography. Imagine the shimmery appearance of a red fish basking in a full spectrum of white light at the surface of the water. Its red scales would reflect red frequencies of light while absorbing all others, allowing its true fiery beauty to be perceived. However, as the fish started to swim downward, its color would quickly darken and become nearly invisible as there are no longer red light frequencies to reflect off its scales while it still absorbs all others, appearing almost black.

Paralenz solves this challenge by autocorrecting color using a pressure sensor that measures depth. It also has a built-in dive log that will record your images chronologically and by depth so you don’t have to remember where or when you encountered a sea cucumber, and can focus instead on enjoying your underwater adventure.

Additionally, Paralenz has an 8-hour battery life and its camera can capture images at 8 megapixels. It also has the ability to record 1080p 30fps videos for 3.5 hours, and 4K videos for 2.25 hours between the temperatures of -4°F to 185°F, making it the perfect companion for any dive trip. Learn more on the Paralenz website.