Fine Dining: What if Burberry and Prada Made Luxury Foods?

Curators’ Corner

Fine Dining: What if Burberry and Prada Made Luxury Foods?

You may think you have created a useful product, but influencing consumers to buy that product often comes down to the appeal of the packaging and placement on store shelves. A product’s packaging is often the most important feature in attracting potential buyers to your product. Artist Peddy Mergui encourages consumers to recognize just that.

Mergui’s art exhibition titled Wheat is Wheat is Wheat, showcases a series of food packaging designs that feature logos from some of the most well-known luxury brands. The food containers convey the recognizable trademarks of Gucci, Prada, Tiffany & Co., and Apple — to name a few— even presenting the visual qualities appropriate to each label.

Turning basic foods into luxury items, Mergui has effectively transformed consumers’ perception of quality. The initial enjoyment posed by a majority of the exhibit’s first comers, deduces that if these luxury companies were ever to brand everyday groceries, they will profit. “People really liked it,” Mergui said.

Visit the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco through June 15, 2014 to see if Burberry’s ramen, Ferrari’s pasta or Louis Vuitton’s salami makes your mouth water.