‘Food Scans’ Give Us a Visual Calendar of Seasonal Produce

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‘Food Scans’ Give Us a Visual Calendar of Seasonal Produce

You’ve never seen vegetables like this before.

New York-based photographer Henry Hargreaves and longtime collaborator Caitlin Levy, a chef and food stylist, have turned the art of eating seasonal into a photo series that is equal parts fascinating, amusing and appetizing. After a full calendar year of documenting seasonal produce month by month, the duo compiled their pickings into Food Scans–actual digital scans of neatly and symmetrically arranged food items.

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“We like to show food in a non-obvious and unpredictable, interesting way, kind of subvert people’s expectations as to what food is and what you can do with it,” Hargreaves told The Huffington Post. “With this series, we’re hoping people can get a better understanding of seasonality and see that produce has seasons — it’s not available all year round. We wanted to show it in a way that was totally unique and different.”

Hargreaves and Levin draw an interesting parallel between the natural freshness of local, seasonal produce and their creative minimalism behind Food Scans. From their website:

“Just as produce picked at peak flavor requires very little adornment on the plate, such was the case with these pictures. Simply placed on the scanner, we’re able to see every curve, nook, and cranny in incredible detail — and mirrored images allow us to explore symmetry, natural beauty, and the way imperfections and inconsistencies often become the most breathtaking examples of nature’s artistry.”

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Between nature’s vibrant colors and the plain black background of a scan with no color, the contrast and detail captured is rather hypnotizing. And the concept itself is the type that just feels enlightening. Perhaps the best part, though, is that the foods didn’t go to waste afterward.

“Basically anything that hadn’t gone stale or rancid or slimy, we definitely used and cooked and ate,” Hargreaves told HuffPost.

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Bravo to Hargreaves and Levin for these lovely images. Click here to see more of their quirky food projects.