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Foster Grant Sunglasses: From Classic Americana to Modern Chic

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Foster Grant Sunglasses: From Classic Americana to Modern Chic

Founded in 1929, Foster Grant sunglasses launched into stardom during the golden era of American film. The brand’s stature reached iconic heights in the 1960s with its Hollywood clientele and signature tagline, “Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?”

A recent Retail Visual campaign produced by Duggal Visual Solutions exemplifies why Foster Grant continues to stand at the forefront of entertainment and celebrity culture. Led by Sr. Account Executive & visual consultant Jeanne Tassone, Duggal created two interactive media eyewear display units installed in the Florida Mall in Orlando. Products housed next to a digital screen entice shoppers to try on different options. When the glasses are tried on an interactive video and splash screen sensor triggers… “Try Wear Share” & a “selfie taking” interface on the retail store kiosk and mall monitor. A series of stylized images are created with interactive help from users, and then prepared for output to social media.

The Duggal Innovation Lab led by Creative Director Glenn Rabbach developed the software and programming for the displays, while hardware fabrication took place at Duggal’s Building 500 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Prototypes went through a series of tests to fine-tune both the customer and client experience – for the former, styling satisfaction; for the latter, data collection and marketing flexibility. Duggal is proud to partner with Foster Grant Eyewear FGXI International Rhode Island -Maria O’Brien and Gina Lazaro and Jason Watts of RGLA Solutions, Inc Chicago to drive technological innovation in their advertising. The brand plans to place similar kiosks in 400 locations over the next three years.