Fran Eber’s ‘Past Life’

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Fran Eber’s ‘Past Life’

Past Life is a series of images that explores the recreation of subject matter. In a past life, these images were glass, fibers, metals, pigments, scratches, bark, light and a host of other elements. Yet, through a transformative process of photography and technology, it is now a new life form. These images are no longer direct narratives of their source materials, yet they clearly could not exist without them.

Fran Eber Past Life Art

Fran Eber is an artist working in photography, painting and mixed media. A large body of her work is inspired by nature and the natural world. She gravitates towards fluid surfaces and uses colors and abstracted shapes to capture the essence of that moment. Her work is a fusion of medias that almost always begins with photography and ends with paint. Fran received her BFA in Visual Arts at Mason Gross School of the Arts. She exhibits her work in New York and New Jersey.

Fran Eber Past Life 2

Past Life was part of an open house exhibition on Sunday, September 25th, 2016. A series of eight images for her exhibition were printed by Duggal Visual Solutions using our revolutionary, new “Vibrachrome ™” metal print technology.