Free New York City Art Exhibits

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Free New York City Art Exhibits

The best part of New York City is all of the raw talent that is available right under your nose. Get out of the cold when you have a moment and enjoy some more amazing and free art exhibits.


William Matthew Prior – “Artist and Visionary” (Oil Paintings)

(American Folk Art Museum: 2 Lincoln Square, Between 65th & 66th Street)

Exhibition available until May 26th, 2013

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12PM-7:30PM

Sunday, 12PM-6PM


Tel: 212-595-9533

Courtesy of Folk Art Museum,


“Black Cake” – Curated by: Alex GartenFeld (Mixed Media)

(Team Gallery: 83 Grand Street, Between Wooster St & Greene St)

Exhibition available until February 16th, 2013

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM


Tel: 212-279-9219 

Courtesy of Team Gallery,


Diana Cooper– “My Eye Travels” (Mixed Media)

(Postmasters Gallery: 459 West 19th Street, Between 9th & 10th Avenue)

Exhibition available until February 9th, 2013

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11AM-6PM


Tel: 212-727-3323

Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery,


Kenneth Josephson – “Within Reach” (Photography)

(Gitterman Gallery: 41 East 57th Street, Suite 1103, between Park Ave & Madison Ave)

Exhibition available until March 16th,2013

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-6PM


Tel: 212-734-0868

Courtesy of Gitterman Gallery,


Lola Montes Schnabel – (Oil, Gouache & Watercolor)

(Tripoli Gallery: 980 Madison Avenue (3rd floor), between 76th & 77th Street)

Exhibition available until February 11th,2013

Hours: Sunday-Saturday, 11AM-6PM


Tel: 631-377-3715

Courtesy of Tripoli Gallery,