Free Upcoming Events

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Free Upcoming Events

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!
Here are a few free events happening around the city.

Heidi Sanna: Secuar Icons

Duggal’s own Heidi Sanna will have showing off her exhibition at the Emoa Space In Chelsea. The shrines of traditional devotional work will show contemporary subjects and importance. The popular cultural pieces are of landscape and other unique displays. Here at Duggal we always recommend going to view our talented staffs art work.

Location: Eoma Space Chelsea

Address: 530 West 25th st STE 407 New York, NY

Date/Hour: September 12-21, 2013
Tuesday- Saturday 12pm-6pm

Admission: N/A

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Both Chamberlain and Francis are known for their abstract canvases and brutal crushed sculptures. Throughout this exhibit both artists, in their own ways master the gesture of colors of unlikely pairing. Two artists from the opposite side of the spectrum collaborate their unique pieces.

Location: Van Doren Waxter

Address: 23 E 73rd St. 
Upper East Side
, New York 

Date/Hour: Now- September 27,2013
Tue–Sat 10am–6pm

Admission: FREE

Phone: 212-445-0444



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Robert Polidori, Versailles 

This exhibition is filled with luxuriant color photos presenting the legendary palace of Louis XIV and more. It shows many repainting’s and gilt-framed portraits waiting to be rehung within the exhibits. These legendary views of walls, which need repainting show the Marie Antoinette may have not been the only one high-maintenance.

Location: Mary Boone Gallery

Address: 541 W 24th St. 
New York

Date/Hour: September 7, 2013- October 26,2013
Tue–Sat 10am–6pm

Admission: FREE

Phone: 212.752.2929



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Bill Traylor

A native from Alabama artist, Bill Traylor shows off his 63 drawings and paintings at Folk Art Museum. His simple shapes and vibrant compositions are shown throughout the exhibit. Traylor is known as one of the finest American artists of the 20th century

Location: American Folk Art Museum

Address: 2 Lincoln Square, New York, NY 10023

Date/Hour: Now – September 22, 2013
Tue-Sat, noon-7:30pm

Admission: FREE

Phone: 212.595.9533