Frozen Bubbles

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Frozen Bubbles

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With most of the U.S. frozen solid by a historic “polar vortex,” Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly’s experiment with bubbles is a fun play on the bone-chilling misery.

Kelly and her 7-year-old son Connor set out to see what happens to bubbles in freezing temperatures. After mixing a homemade bubble solution, the two ventured out early in the morning and began blowing bubbles that would then crystallize and become beautiful, sculpture-like ornaments. Kelly used a Nikon D3100 with macro tubes to capture the bubbles’ elegance in various forms – shaded areas yielded complete spheres, while sunny areas made for a broken effect.

“I wanted to show a side of [bubbles] that hardly anyone has seen before,” Kelly said, according to the Huffington Post. “Their intricate detail, their uniquely stunning patterns and the way their colors show when they freeze.”

Kelly told that she and her son were both in awe as they watched each bubble freeze.

“I hope that in sharing my work, it will help others change their perspective and take the time to enjoy and savor the beauty around them in the most unfamiliar or surprising ways possible,” Kelly said.

All Images © Angela Kelly – Kelly Images and Photography