GoDaddy Opens Pre-Registration for ‘.Photography’ Domains

Curators’ Corner

GoDaddy Opens Pre-Registration for ‘.Photography’ Domains

GoDaddy has gained pre-registration access and is now taking applications for 14 new domain extensions, including “.photography,” “.camera” and “.gallery.”

When the new extensions are officially open, GoDaddy will automatically attempt to secure domain names on behalf of those who pre-registered. And if you’re super serious, you can pay a premium fee to jump the line and possibly come away with a golden address. You get your money back if GoDaddy isn’t able to make it happen for you.

“In order for small businesses to be successful, a strong online identity is a must,” said Mike McLaughlin, VP of domains at GoDaddy, in a statement. “The new name options can help provide quick and easy context for a business.”

That’s particularly true for photographers – “” seems pretty convenient, doesn’t it?

“.Guru” will also soon be a real thing for anyone who feels they can live up to being the self-proclaimed, one and only “”

Visit to see what’s available.