Google Art Project Adds 3D Artifacts to Online Gallery

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Google Art Project Adds 3D Artifacts to Online Gallery

The Google Art Project has launched a new gallery that museum-goers will love.

The latest update to the Google Cultural Institute’s online art database makes 3D imagery of more than 200 international artifacts available on your web browser – no museum pass or travel required. The artifacts, which include various animal skulls, bones, oriental artworks and the oldest mask in the world, are made available through six pilot partners: the California Academy of Sciences, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Dallas Museum of Art, Museo d’Arte Orientale in Rome and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Viewers can explore high-resolution objects with the click of a mouse, and can zoom in and rotate each item with much more freedom than you have in a museum. Unfortunately the images are not readily available for download at the moment, which may come as a disappointment to 3D printing enthusiasts.

Google unveiled the Google Cultural Institute in 2011 after launching the Google Art Project, the company’s initiative for preserving and sharing global archives in the digital age. Today the Cultural Institute is home to more than 6 million archives and 10,000 works of art from 60+ countries. You would be hard pressed to find a more vast, thorough and fascinating art platform.

Google Art Project 3D Sculpture Google Art Project 3D Sculpture