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Greensquare Tavern

Curators’ Corner

Greensquare Tavern

Duggal Visual Solutions teamed up with a new restaurant in the Flatiron district, Greensquare Tavern, which will be showcasing different artists every few months to combine culinary creativity with art and environmentalism.

Restaurateurs Leon Bell, Larry McIntyre, and Chef/ Proprietor John Marsh aim to make Greensquare Tavern a place of food, spirits and photography and will feature organic, sustainable cuisine, while supporting local farmers. FnK Partners, who did the restaurant’s interior design and branding, hit upon the idea of making photography and visual story telling an integral part of the dining experience.

Greensquare Tavern opened its doors February 8, and for the first couple of months, will feature Larry Letters’ “Night Harvest,” curated by Erica Cassano. “Night Harvest” is a series of striking portraits of men and women harvesting grapes at night. Larry chanced upon the idea of creating photographs that solely focused on wine during a trip to Portugal in 2008 but it wasn’t till he was home in California that he decided to tell the story of what goes into the process of wine making through photography.

“I think my work symbolizes a global connection we share over wine, as well as the importance of knowing where what we consume comes from. I often have no idea myself. This project has made me appreciate every glass I drink, and to think past what the label looks like. Pure toil goes into making a crafted wine, as I know as with food the same. With the theme of Greensquare Tavern being “Eat local, drink global,” I feel this is symbolic because a restaurant is a place to commune with those we care about, to nourish ourselves, to reflect upon that nourishment, and to celebrate our likenesses and differences.”

Duggal sales representative Hillary Altman headed up the project and worked with Letters to produce eleven 18”x24” prints and fifteen 30”x40” prints, matte gallery digital C. The photographers may choose from a number of other processes to have their photographs printed and mounted. Altman will be working with all artists to come as well as the tabletops, postcards, business cards and title plaques for the restaurant.

The restaurant is in the heart of the Flatiron district, also considered the photography district, at 5 West 21st Street, between 5thand 6th avenues. Check back soon for updates on this exciting new restaurant!

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