Greg Weiss Brings Art to Fitness in GymWall Project

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Greg Weiss Brings Art to Fitness in GymWall Project

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When Greg Weiss came to Duggal with his paintings, we knew he was on the cusp of something really exciting.

A lawyer by day, Weiss is also an avid painter and art fanatic. His vibrant works express his contagious enthusiasm for life, their bright colors and radical figures emitting energy and positivity. Weiss’ bold, pop-inspired painting style is a perfect complement to fitness, another passion of his. When he identified that match, the GymWall Project was born.

Noticing how bare the walls were at the 14th Street Synergy Fitness Club in NYC, Weiss couldn’t help but envision his paintings hanging in the empty space. He left a couple of flyers at the front desk and his art eventually caught the attention of the club’s manager, who asked the painter to liven up the place with a few of his works.

“We have art!” Weiss later heard a fellow member shouting through the stairwell, a moment he admits was pretty darn awesome.

Weiss then took his art to the YMCA across the street and it was a hit there, too. With two huge successes off the bat, he says he’s excited to keep the momentum going and expand the GymWall project.

“My goal is to enhance the gym experience through art,” he says. “Hopefully so people come to enjoy the art on the walls as much as they do their workout.”

Duggal Visual Solutions congratulates Greg Weiss on bringing his “vision to visuals.” We are absolutely thrilled to help spread the GymWall Project, with associate Hope Savvides leading the way and working directly with Weiss.

“Duggal is an unbelievable partner to me,” Weiss says. “The prints are so stunning, when people see them I have to explain that they aren’t the originals.”