Gruppo Urbani Tartufi

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Gruppo Urbani Tartufi

Duggal recently worked on a project for the Italian company “Gruppo Urbani Tartufi,” a new store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  Gruppo Urbani Tartufi is stylish Italian based food boutique. They have recently expanded their market with a new American store located at 10 West End Ave between 59th and 60th street.

Their product line consists of the finest of Italian gourmet food. With Italy’s renowned cuisine and old world craftsmanship on display, Gruppo Urbani Tartufi sought Duggal’s new world technology to showcase their work with pride.

Sales Representative Marinal Chopra, MC, worked side by side with this client to design and create a tailor made showroom. Material and hardware were designed, created, and installed entirely through Duggal Visual Solutions. Some of the services provided include oversized gasket frames, wall sized prints, and oversized gasket backlit lightboxes.

Because of a strong partnership and a shared commitment to excellence, Duggal and Gruppo Urbani Tartufi are please to announce the opening of their newest location. We encourage you to stop in for the food and stay for the atmosphere.