Heidi Sanna’s “Secular Icons” Now on Display in Chelsea

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Heidi Sanna’s “Secular Icons” Now on Display in Chelsea

Artist Heidi Sanna’s intentions are “To explore the territory between the ridiculous and the sublime. To personalize the codified language of religious art. To deify the underdogs. To make the world a more sparkly place.”

You’ll love her artwork, which is now on display at EMOA Space Chelsea – 530 W 25th St, NYC.

In Secular Icons, Sanna “simultaneously mines classical art history and vintage Americana to create homages to favorite musical heroes and cult idols” through her tiny mixed-media sculptures, which were originally meant to be Christmas ornaments.

“These kitschy shrines both send up the seriousness of traditional devotional work while imbuing their contemporary subjects with a regalness appropriate to their respective importance in the popular cultural landscape,” Sanna says in an accompanying artist statement.

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