Here’s an Instagram Account That Will Put Some Pep in Your NYC Subway Step

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Here’s an Instagram Account That Will Put Some Pep in Your NYC Subway Step

Dance is ingrained in New York City’s identity, from renowned dance schools like Juilliard and the American Ballet Theatre to the countless studios throughout the city.

For any artist of any genre, New York serves as a well of inspiration. Between the history, the fast pace, the endless opportunities and the chase for the “big break,” there’s no better place to be. And for dancers, the physical enthusiasm beams with every stride down a city street or through a subway station.

Freeze frame right there – at “subway station,” where you might see photographer James Jin capturing his latest image in which he seemingly makes time stand still amid the chaos of the morning rush. Jin is the creator of Dancers of NY, an uplifting and spirited Instagram account that chronicles the lives of dancers in New York City.

For each post, Jin captures a dancer in action – often mid-air – using the subway as his backdrop. The images are also typically accompanied by an inspiring quote from the dancer in the photo.

The goal? To capture a shot at every subway station in the city.

“In the New York City subway system, there are currently 468 stations in operation,” Jin writes on the Dancers of New York website. “While all dancers start their day from stations all over the city, their destination is always the same: any place where they can dance.”

For how dark and soul-crushing some morning subway commutes can be, Dancers of NY is a welcomed juxtaposition of grit and grace. Check out a few of our favorite shots below, and follow Dancers of NY on Instagram to stay up to date on the series.

Keep up the great work, Mr. Jin! We’re dancing in our seats.

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All images © James Jin