Hermes ‘Silk Bar’ Pops Up in Grand Central

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Hermes ‘Silk Bar’ Pops Up in Grand Central

7. Hermes

The Hermes Silk Bar is back.

Fall shoppers can explore the luxury brand’s selection of finely crafted scarves, ties and jewelry at a cozy pop-up shop in Grand Central Terminal.

Last year, the Silk Bar became a visual magnet in The Shops at Columbus Circle, charming customers with a neon-lit, diner-themed kiosk created by Duggal. Building on that success, Hermes took the seasonal campaign to one of the world’s busiest transit hubs and most visited tourist destinations.

With more than 750,000 people passing through Grand Central each day, heavy foot traffic is a given. Vinyl floor graphics installed at the Silk Bar not only decorate the space with replicated tile and a large Hermes logo, but also offer tactile footing while absorbing wear and tear.

Come on in!