High Quality Image Needed for TV?

We recently received a great question about how to properly scan prints for use in video related projects for maximum results:

“If I want to scan a high quality image for television, is drum scanning the best way to go???” -yelhsa

Our drum scanning experts at Duggal are equipped to help you achieve the very best results when you need the highest resolution possible for print files.  However, reproducing images for television does not require drum scanning.

Drum scanning is a necessity for large-format graphic printing or for fine art reproductions. For video projects, we recommend using our flatbed-scanning services even for images used in more demanding high-definition environments.  These can be accurately reproduced with no loss of detail when scanned at 72 to 100 dpi.  For images originally derived from film, we offer ProScan and Durst Scanning to achieve the best possible results.

Let us know what your original file format is and we will help you chose your best option.

For more information on what drum scanning is, check out our “What is drum scanning article”