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How Are Credit Cards and Gift Cards Made? It Starts with a Prototype


How Are Credit Cards and Gift Cards Made? It Starts with a Prototype

With more than 2.8 billion credit cards in use worldwide, plastic cash is perhaps the second-most popular printed item on Earth (behind real cash, of course). Have you ever wondered how your credit card(s) came to be? 

We’re not talking about manufacturing or materials. We’re talking about the art of credit card design and branding. It starts with a credit card comp.

Prototyping a Credit Card to Perfection

When mergers lead to new brand identities or card designs, Duggal is there to provide the focus group test comps that corporate marketers need in order to gather accurate data. In this example, we produced six double-sided design directions in multiples to go to focus groups in three locations in the U.S. The comps were complete with foil effects, magnetic stripes, chips and holograms.


Raising the Bar with Dimensional Printing

There is a brand connection in owning a credit card. To create that tactile sense of importance, we often employ dimensional printing to simulate embossing on plastic along with custom UV varnish effects. This ability is valuable to issuers because it ensures a design and its unique features are ready for mass production with no mishaps or errors.


Elevating the Art on Membership Cards

Many membership cards now take the form of a credit card. This Lady Drinks club membership card features our dimensional printed patterning in gold foil as a design feature in conjunction with a raised and gloss spot varnish coated logo. The card numbers were printed on the back in consecutive order to 100 using our variable data program.


Making Gift Cards Feel Special

Duggal is able to produce short run prototypes of gift cards that will stand out with foil effects, embossing and vibrant color. The highest resolution is available for gift cards along with Digital Emboss and Digital Spot UV.

Imagine receiving a personalized gift card from a global brand. That’s the honor that J.Crew clients and influencers enjoy annually for the retailer’s Madewell denim, the most popular product line in J.Crew stores. The 4,500 gift cards were not only personalized, but also embossed and foil stamped before being nestled in a bifold with a single glue dot. The envelopes are personalized as well.

Looking to produce a credit card, membership card or gift card for your brand? Start with the art and let Duggal lead you to a production-ready prototype. Contact us and ask to be connected to our Packaging Comp Division.