How Does a Video Conversion Service Work?

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How Does a Video Conversion Service Work?

Before iCloud, Dropbox and many of the other online hosts we are accustomed to using to store large video files, libraries of beta tapes, DVDs and even film strips had to be labeled and organized accordingly, usually without any duplicate copy.

Although this method of storing video is more-or-less obsolete in our day and age, many videographers and creative entrepreneurs still possess old videos and are looking for a video conversion service that will allow them to digitize their media.

What Exactly is a Video Conversion Service?

A video conversion service takes your “old-school” media and converts it to .MOV, .mp4, .m4a or any of the other common file extensions seen in today’s digital video. The main questions you should be asking yourself when considering a video conversion service are:

What kind of computer, or hard drive, am I using to store the media?

Depending on whether you’re using a Mac or PC, it might be best to convert your video according to the file format recommended by Apple or Microsoft, respectively. You should also make sure you select a hard drive that can handle all of the media you want digitized, both in space and compatibility.

What will I do with my digitized files?

What you’re planning to do with your digitized media can affect a few decisions you’ll make regarding your video conversion service. For instance, file size is a consideration that could come into play if you’re planning to:

  • Upload to YouTube. If this is your goal, make sure your video is sized appropriately so that it is optimized for YouTube.
  • Store on your hard drive for later viewing. If you just want to have a digitized file so you and your family can view your old videos on modern equipment, you can have your video conversion service give you a higher-resolution video, since you’re simply playing it off a laptop or hard drive that you already own.

By moving forward with a video conversion service, you’re by no means getting rid of the original tape, but simply protecting your video with a backup. Much like we recommend creating digital backups of all of your photographs, we suggest you do the same with video.

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