How Much Does Lenticular Printing Cost?

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How Much Does Lenticular Printing Cost?

Lenticular printing is the use of stylized lenses to give an image the illusion of depth and dimensionality. A common example you may remember are the pictures on Cracker Jack boxes, where the image changes based on the angle from which you’re viewing.

If lenticular printing sounds complicated, it’s because it certainly can be—with the cost reflective of the time, work and skill it takes to create a quality lenticular print. However, don’t let that deter you from this unique solution. When executed correctly, lenticular prints are stunning and capture the imagination like no static image can. Here are the factors in lenticular printing costs.


Like with most printing projects, the more you print, the more cost-effective it becomes. Bulk printing is always going to be the main way a printer recommends to trim costs. Wait until you are hosting an event, investing in a booth at a tradeshow, etc. to maximize your print run.


Special effects are not usually associated with print collateral, but lenticular printing is unique in that you can customize the characteristics that adorn your print. These include but are not limited to:

  • 3D lenticular
  • Flip lenticular
  • Motion lenticular
  • Animated loop lenticular

At Duggal, we listen to your vision, gain an understanding of your budget, and help you identify what is practical from an effects standpoint.


Once the print quantity and effects are in order, it’s time to identify what the finishing touches will be. From die cutting to backlighting to adhesive and your choice of lens material, the possibilities by which you can improve upon your lenticular print in post-production are vast.

Lenticular Printing Costs Fluctuate

Unfortunately, there isn’t one number we can give you that could be applied to all lenticular print projects. The quantity, effects and finishes used are all decisions that will impact the final price of your lenticular prints. The first step in any project is discussing your needs and helping you achieve your creative vision. Speak with a Duggal visual consultant today.