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Photography Tip: How to get more out of your point and shoot camera

Techniques/ Tips

Photography Tip: How to get more out of your point and shoot camera

Here are some of Duggal’s tips and ideas on how to get more out of your point and shoot camera!

  • Use the optical zoom if you have the option, rather than the digital zoom.
  • Use the manual modes because you have the ability to control the aperture (higher aperture will allow more light in and will make the subject stand out and the background blurry. Low aperture allows less light onto the sensor forcing the camera to use a slower shutter speed, so most or all of your image is in focus.), shutter speed (slower shutter speed makes your image less noisy, faster shutter speed is darker but less blurry), ISO speed (generally, 100 for day, 800 for night), and flash on/off.
  • Invest in a tri-pod. A tri-pod is perfect for nighttime and landscape photography.
  • If you press the shoot button half-way the image will auto focus.
  • Use the settings that are available such as landscape, macro, sunset, night, and portrait.
  • Always make sure the lens is clean. Use a clean microfiber cloth to clean the lens to avoid scratches.
  • Turn on red-eye reduction when shooting with the flash on.
  • Try diffusing the flash with something such as a thin white fabric. This will make the image look more natural.

These are just a few of Duggal’s suggestions and ideas to aid you in exploring the world of photography. There are many ways to approach photography and countless ways to capture the image you want.  Please feel free to share some of your own ideas and comments.

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