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Indigo Printing at Duggal


Indigo Printing at Duggal

Did you know that Duggal Visual Solutions is home to the first commercially-released HP Indigo 12000 installed in the U.S.? This 29-inch digital press can print up to 4,600 sheets per hour and 7-color capability across all facets of commercial printing including brochures, business cards, folders and more. Its prolific capabilities were “the final piece of the puzzle” in our fleet, and the press itself has been the center of attention on many occasions.

Recent Advances in the HP Indigo 12000

Since its original installment in 2016, the HP Indigo 12000 has continued to push the envelope for commercial printing. In 2018, it became possible to print using fluorescent ink with this machine. The pop of color added to traditional white ink on colored paper carries with it the ability to catch consumers’ attention—all with greater print efficiency and quality than ever before. For more details on this bonus feature, check out this article.

Subsequently, in early 2019, Duggal once again upgraded the HP Indigo 12000 with a new HD Imaging System that doubles the addressable resolution of the Indigo press to 1625 dpi. With a final resolution of 4876 dpi, the machine far surpasses other commercial digital presses. For this reason, the HP Indigo 12000 is a top contender in producing gallery-quality prints.

“Duggal is a trusted partner that has always been at the forefront of technology, so it was only natural to again partner with them to bring our new HD Imaging System to their HP Indigo 12000 as the first press upgraded in the Northeast and one of the very first in the world,” said Haim Levit, Vice President and General Manager, HP Indigo & Inkjet Press Solutions. “As Duggal has long been known for exceptional quality and for bringing new innovations to the market, we are looking forward to seeing their expansion into new markets and elevating the image quality produced with digital printing to another breakthrough level, thanks to this innovative new High-Definition Imaging System for HP Indigo 12000 digital presses.”

We are proud and honored to earn HP’s trust in bringing their game-changing technology to the market, and to be able to share the endless possibilities that come with the HP Indigo 12000. Contact us to learn more about Indigo printing at Duggal.