Indikitch Fires Up Flatiron

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Indikitch Fires Up Flatiron


They say fortune favors the bold, and Indikitch proves that mantra deliciously true.

In the heart of foodie heaven, the Indian Kitchen stands out as a hip new Flatiron lunch spot. Smell the wafting spices of New Delhi as chefs fire up traditional Indian dishes – like Pulled Pork Vindaloo and Chicken Tikka – made to order, right in front of you. For those who are unfamiliar with Indian food or intimidated by the thought of ordering it on the spot, don’t sweat it here. Indikitch’s visual communication is flawless and fun, leading you through the blueprint to your perfect Indian dish – It’s like directional signage for your taste buds.

We love our 23rd St neighbors at Indikitch and are proud to produce sleek menu boards and colorful banners that give the atmosphere a visual punch. Bob Kapoor and Ashma Vohra consult with Indikitch to coordinate seamless graphics swaps, allowing the restaurant to highlight different items as they wish. We’re all fired up for Indikitch!