Industry Vocabulary D, E, F

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dampeners (printing) In lithography, cloth covered, parchment paper or rubber (bare – back) rollers that distribute the dampening solution to the press plate or ink roller.
dart (fashion) A “dart” is basically a v-shape sewn into a garment  to shape the fabric to the rounded parts of the body. You can find darts at the waistline, the hipline and the bustline.
daylight film (photography) When exposed in normal daylight, this color film is made to render correct color balance.
density (printing) The degree of darkness (light absorption or opacity) of a photographic image.
developer (photography) In photography the chemical agent and process used to render photographic images visible after exposure to light.
developing tank (photography) To process exposed film, this light-proof container is used.
DAM (prepress imaging) (Digital Asset Management) – is a segment of the content management market focused on the systematic cataloging and management of digital media and some physical media to enable their efficient storage, retrieval and reuse.
diecutting (printing) A process that uses steel rules to cut on either rotary or flatbed presses.
digital color proof (prepress imaging) A color proof produced from digital data without the need for separation films.
digital photography (photography) Uses a CCD or CMOS sensor in place of film to capture images electronically. Digital photography is used widely by photojournalists and is being used increasingly both professional photographers and consumers as well.
display type (printing) Basically any type set larger than the text.
dolman sleeve (fashion) A dolman style sleeve is designed without a socket for the shoulder. Instead, it features a large, wide armhole reaching from the waist to a small wrist. Can also be known as a batwing sleeve.
double-breasted (fashion) This characteristic features half of the front folded over the other, and frequently has a single row of buttonholes and a double row of buttons.
dropped shoulders (fashion) A characteristic that features the sleeve seam falling off the shoulder.
dropped waist (fashion) This style waistline is sewn anywhere below the natural waistline.
drum scanner (scanning) A scanner that uses PMT, or photo multiplier tubes, to produce higher dynamic range and higher resolution color separations.
duplex paper (printing) A type of paper that features a different finish or color on either side.
dynamic range (scanning) The difference in density between the shadows and highlights of a scan.


electronic printing (printing) The technique of reproducing pages, also referred to as plateless printing, without using plates, ink, water or chemistry.
electrostatic plates (printing) In the process of high-speed laser printing, “electrostatic plates” which apply zinc oxide or organic photoconductors are used.
electrotype (printing) In letterpress printing a duplicate relief plate, or “electrotype,” is used.
element (photography) This term refers to a single lens, or component, of a compound lens.
em (printing) A unit of measurement based upon the height and width of the set point size.
embossing (photography) A relief impression of an image that creates a raised surface on blank paper or over printing.
embroidery (fashion) The use of decorative stitching for the ornamentation of a fabric. With a wide variety of stitches that can be sewn by machine or by hand, as well as countless thread colors, embroidery can be quite diverse.
empire seams (fashion) This style seam is sewn right below the bustline.
empire waist (fashion) Much like the empire seam, this is the waistline that begins right below the bustline.
emulsion side (photography) This term refers to the silver halide emulsion coated side of film.
en (printing) An “en” is half of the width of an “em.”
enamel (printing) Any coated paper or coated material on a paper.
enlargement (photography) A literal enlargement of size, objects in an enlarged photographic print are larger in scale than the same objects in the negative.
espadrille (fashion) A shoe style that features a rope sole and a canvas upper.
expanded type (printing) This term refers to type with a larger than normal width.
exposure (photography) When light, during photographic and photomechanical processes, produces an image on photo-sensitive coating.


fanout (printing) As a result of moisture damage, the wavy distortion across the grain of a paper.
feeder (printing) The part of a printing press that separates the sheets and feeds them properly for printing.
fixing (photography) After development, this is the chemical process used to make an image insensitive to further exposure as well as stable.
felt side (printing) A paper’s smoother side, or top side.
flash bulb (photography) A glass bulb that produces a one-time bright flash.
flat (photography) A photograph that is lacking in contrast as a result of a limited range of density.
flatbed scanner (scanning) A scanner with a glass plate whose scanning process resembles a photocopier.
flat-front pants (fashion) Pocketless and seamless pants that are narrow and straight.
flush (left or right) (printing) Where type is set to line up, whether it be to the left or to the right.
focus (photography) The focal point of a lens.
fog (photography) A result of less than ideal conditions or accidental exposure, “fog” is density in the non-image areas.
form (printing) For printing, the assembly of images and pages.
format (printing) A print’s style, size, type page, margins and printing requirements.
form-fit (fashion) This term refers to a garment that is straight from the waist to the ankle with a slight curve on the hip.
free sheet (printing) Refers to paper that has no, or is “free” of, mechanical wood pulp.
frog closure (fashion) An ornamental  type  of closing that is the combination of a braided loop and a knot of braiding.
“f” stop (photography) Lens aperture setting.