Interview With Artist John Henry Cox


Interview With Artist John Henry Cox

We recently had the opportunity to interview John Henry Cox, a distinguished artist who selected Duggal’s services to provide prints for his upcoming gallery show. During the interview he is reviewing the final prints of his work for the first time with Duggal’s studio photographer, Karl Rudisill, who photographed the artwork for print.

We used a recently evolved technology that we call HD Capture Pro along with extremely high resolution printing methods in order to generate hyper-accurate artist’s prints of the originals.

This technological evolution coincided with the artist’s redevelopment of his craft. After nearly a quarter century of being unable to practice his art due to ocular issues, John Henry had a surgery performed which enabled him to take his pencils and charcoal up again. The ignition of a rediscovered passion along with the remarkable ability to capture it were both thanks to the steady leaps of technological progress. Karl, Linda Tutanaeur (one of Duggal’s master printers) and the rest of our team that was involved are all proud to have been a part of this project.

Be sure to watch in fullscreen with the available 1080p HD: