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It’s Happening – Museums Are Making a Comeback

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It’s Happening – Museums Are Making a Comeback

After months of being shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, New York City’s world-class museums received the go-ahead from Governor Andrew Cuomo to welcome back staff and visitors while following social distancing and public health guidelines. Many reopenings are slated for September 2020.

While the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) remains temporarily closed for the time being, the Smithsonian Institution showed it is poised to eventually reopen by investing in wide format exterior signage for NMAI’s George Gustav Heye Center located at 1 Bowling Green in Manhattan’s Financial District. Familiar with Duggal Visual Solutions from a previous exhibition installation at NMAI in Washington, D.C., Smithsonian sought Duggal’s expertise to develop an outdoor clip system for interchangeable graphics.

Duggal associates Jeff Frankle and Ryan Reitbauer coordinated across client and internal teams to modify NMAI’s mounted steel frames into a more manageable solution for the museum to minimize costs, swap graphics, and promote new exhibitions going forward. The process entailed structural and mechanical engineering prior to production of the eight 72” x 150” frames with mesh vinyl banners. The innovative outdoor framing can withstand wind loads up to 177 miles per hour.

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Reopening Your Museum?

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