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It’s Learn About (Duggal) Butterflies Day!


It’s Learn About (Duggal) Butterflies Day!

In just two days, March 14, is National Learn About Butterflies Day, a day to appreciate these beautiful creatures. The date wasn’t chosen at random; it is the spring celebration of an annual journey across Mexico, the U.S. and Canada—one in which Duggal Visual Solutions surprisingly serves as a pit stop!

Meet Our Monarch Waystation
Duggal Visual Solutions’ Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 25 is home to Monarch Waystation #22029. Certified by the University of Kansas’ non-profit Monarch Watch program, Monarch Waystations provide milkweeds, nectar and shelter for monarch butterflies.

The Amazing Migration
Each fall, millions of monarchs travel from Canada and the U.S. to the mountains of Mexico, where they bundle up in pine trees for the winter until it’s time to fly back north in spring. The annual 3,000-mile, round-trip monarch migration is truly a phenomenon. While most butterflies are only capable of short migrations and many do not migrate at all, the monarch racks up unbelievable mileage.

Unofficially Endangered
Although the monarch is not currently listed as an endangered species, it is undoubtedly endangered. The monarch population has steadily dropped over the years, largely due to herbicides eliminating monarchs’ primary food source of milkweeds. In 2020, the number of migratory monarchs reached a record low.

The University of Kansas created the Monarch Watch program to assist monarchs on their biannual journey through North America. Waystations like the one at Duggal are like rest and refuel stops for butterflies.

Does your business have at least 400 square feet of outdoor space and want to join this uplifting initiative? Use National Learn About Butterflies Day as a starting point to establish a Monarch Waystation of your own. Duggal will help you get started! Contact the Duggal Big Picture Foundation to learn more.