Jason Dussault: Master of the Modern Mosaic

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Jason Dussault: Master of the Modern Mosaic

In a day and age where imagery can be created with the snap of a camera and refined with a few clicks of a mouse, artist Jason Dussault is reimagining a lost art form that dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans: the mosaic.

Jason Dussault Mosaic Painting

As seen in a June 2, 2015 New York Times Style Magazine feature, Dussault is spending his next few weeks at the hip Ruschmeyer’s hotel in Montauk, NY, where he will set up shop as artist-in-residence June 17-July 17. There he will work on-site creating his new Lego-inspired series, Off Duty, a whimsical portrayal of what classic superheroes do in their spare time.

Visitors can see and even take part in the labor of love that is Dussault’s process as the artist creates vibrant mosaics on refurbished surfboards. In fact, he encourages them to join in the “meditative, rewarding and easily taught” craft of smashing and gluing tiles together.

Jason Dussault Hero Collage

Art is about creating something that people haven’t seen before, and the juxtaposition of lighthearted Lego characters against primeval medium helps Off Duty achieve just that. It’s an uplifting theme, hosted at the perfect venue at the perfect time. After all, superheroes take summer surf vacations to Montauk too, right?

Duggal congratulates Jason Dussault on the buzz surrounding his Ruschmeyer’s residency. Jason has been coming to us for creative solutions specified to his unique challenges since he moved to New York in 2014.

Jason Dussault Thor

“Duggal’s quality and service is unmatched,” he says, adding that visual consultant Stephanie Piacenza has been nothing short of phenomenal.

To see more of Jason Dussault’s work, visit  www.jasondussault.com and follow him on Instagram.

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