Josh Lehrer: Becoming Visible

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Josh Lehrer: Becoming Visible

In March of 2010 photographer, Josh Lehrer, produced “Becoming Visible,” at the Robert Miller Gallery. The exhibit was comprised of eleven cyanotype portraits of homeless transgendered teens in New York City. Cyanotypes are contact prints made with hand-coated emulsion on watercolor paper.  The process dates back to the 1850’s.

Lehrer is now working with two of the largest organizations that serve these kids to raise money and increase awareness of this under-served community – the fastest growing homeless population in New York City.

The money raised will provide stipends for the teenagers as well as for Lehrer to pay for film, processing, studio time, and the production of over sized Platinum and Palladim prints. Josh has 16 days left to raise the additional $20,000 required to fully fund this next phase of the project.

Josh is a longtime Duggal customer relying on Duggal to print the oversized scans of his Cyanotypes for several upcoming shows and all of his commercial work and installations.

Four upcoming shows:

  • Gerald Peters in Santa Fe is debuting the first of the platinum and palladium prints, Friday, March 18th
  • Powerhouse Arena “Provocation” on Thurs. March 24th
  • En Foco: “Changing the World” Jay College, April 13th
  • Gerald Peters Gallery on E. 78th Street, May 5th

To learn more about the project and for an opportunity to participate, please click on the link below:

CLICK HERE to check out a video about Lehrer’s “Becoming Visible”

Visit Josh Lehrer’s website to learn more about Josh and his work: