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‘Juices’ by David Altmejd at Andrea Rosen Gallery

Curators’ Corner

‘Juices’ by David Altmejd at Andrea Rosen Gallery

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Canadian-born artist David Altmejd makes his New York City appearance of Juices in the main space of Andrea Rosen Gallery. Altmejd’s perception of morbidity and decay operates as a representation of an alternative ecosystem, with the intention to awe and surprise.

The centerpiece of the exhibit, The Flux and the Puddle, features sculpted mythological figures revealed in a Plexiglas labyrinth—a beautiful yet chaotic representation of mythical evolution inhabited by partially disembodied humanoid forms and ghoulish archetypes of werewolves, golems and dark angels. Altmejd’s figures are exhibited exploiting medical oddities: fabricating themselves and their world. Large holes in the Plexiglas combined with arrangements of shattered mirrors provide a range of perspectives into the Plexiglas structure and its sculpted contents, often creating perplexing optical illusions.

Juices will be on display at Andrea Rosen Gallery through March 8th.