Julian Lennon’s ‘Horizon’

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Julian Lennon’s ‘Horizon’

Julian Lennon Horizon

Julian Lennon’s photography exhibit HORIZON at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea will be there until May 2nd and will travel worldwide thereafter. A musician, photographer and philanthropist, Lennon is deeply committed to the well being of all species and the health of our planet and promotes several endeavors through his organization White Feather Foundation.

Julian Lennon Horizon Exhibition Space

No doubt the undercurrents of Julian’s journey in life, as the first son of one of the most admired and tragically lost artists on the planet, John Lennon, lead him to a fair share of soul-searching. Combine that with a heart full of artistic skill, poetic yearning, empathy and compassion and what we have in Julian is a truly multi-disciplinary artist whose connection with the world touches sundry chords.

Horizon, 2014

The principal goal behind Lennon’s latest series ’Horizon’ is to marry photography with humanitarian efforts. “I have always felt that I have observed life in a different way than others, probably because my life has always been very different than most,” says Julian. His attuned worldview recently led him to see first-hand, the results of a Charity: Water and The White Feather Foundation initiative, bringing critically needed clean drinking water to parts of Africa.

Reverence, 2014

During these travels through Kenya and Ethiopia, Julian captured a wide variety of images, with the intention of inspiring viewers to learn about unique indigenous cultures and to help raise awareness of their plights. Its signature image, Horizon, juxtaposes man and nature in a meditative solo walk upon a majestic mountaintop. The beauty of landscape shots like Follow find a complement in the humanity of others, among them: Reverence, with a group of tribal elders focused intently, during a community gathering, to discuss clean water and their environment; and Hope, a bright-eyed Ethiopian child, with a wise, yet insightful vision, of life yet to come…. Empathy, says Julian Lennon, is the bond that unites the planet. He offers, “We are all in this together, and hopefully someday, the world will realize that… and photography is one way to share, learn, appreciate and experience other cultures, which in turn, allows us to empathize with other peoples lives….”

Horizon Exhibition Hope, 2014

Duggal’s retouching, printing, and mounting teams worked together to make this exhibit the success that it was. Fine Art Account Manager Hillary Altman at Duggal has worked closely with Julian for over five years and it is thrilling for Hillary and all of us at Duggal to see this remarkable artist progress as he has, bringing incredible beauty and warmth to his pictures.

Horizon: Julian_Lennon_1

Horizon: Follow, 2014