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Kings County Distillery Offering Hand Sanitizer Online


Kings County Distillery Offering Hand Sanitizer Online

As the coronavirus pandemic took hold in New York City, local businesses quickly began contributing to the greater good in any and every way possible.

While Duggal Visual Solutions converted its Brooklyn Navy Yard operations from printing graphics to fabricating face shields, nearby Kings County Distillery made its own switch—from pouring whiskey to supplying hand sanitizer. We reported on it back in late March and have an important update:

Kings County Distillery hand sanitizer is now available for online order and nationwide delivery.

At a time when many necessities—hand sanitizers, in particular—are still out of stock everywhere, we figured we’d give our Navy Yard neighbors a nod of support and our readers a helpful heads-up.

Be sure to give a generous donation when purchasing and limit your order to three bottles of sanitizer tops to keep the supply available for others.



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Hand Sanitizer is now available for #nationwide #shipping! Purchase through the #linkinstory 📸: @valrizzo

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“We are a small business, so our hope is that while you are here for the sanitizer, you’ll pick up a bottle of whiskey as well,” the distillery says on its website. “We can only make sanitizer while we have cashflow to support it, so every dollar you contribute, either through donation or purchase, makes it so we can keep operating and ensures our business will be around when we can invite all our employees back to be a full-service distillery again.”

Order today, stay safe, and keep the bottle as an artifact from a difficult period in world history that will hopefully subside soon.