Lady Gaga Celebrates ARTPOP Release at Duggal Greenhouse

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Lady Gaga Celebrates ARTPOP Release at Duggal Greenhouse

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Celebrating the release of her new album in epic fashion, Lady Gaga performed the full track list of ARTPOP in a late-night private concert at the Duggal Greenhouse.

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Transcendence was at an all-time high at artRave as Gaga performed in front of a custom, larger-than-life sculpture of herself by artist Jeff Koons. Koons also created the artwork for the album and was highlighted among the many stars in attendance.

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In addition to unveiling her musical works of art, Mother Monster further engraved her name in the art world, presenting new works from Koons and other creative visionaries in her circle, including Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovic and Inez & Vinoodh.


The Duggal Greenhouse is extremely proud to host world-class events like artRave, which was live streamed exclusively on VEVO.