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Leading a Sustainable Future for Printing

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Leading a Sustainable Future for Printing

Duggal is proud to be one of the leading print companies with environmental sustainability, the driving force being our company-wide commitment to responsible production and waste management. In an industry that is based on the output of physical products, it is all the more critical that we create a more sustainable future.

Sustainability, Exemplified

Here are just a few highlights of our sustainability focus:

  • Duggal holds SGP (Sustainable Green Printing Partnership), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), G7 (Idealliance) and Rainforest Alliance certifications.
  • We are recycling between 80-90% of all waste from our production facilities.
  • Our entire Eco-Imaging product line is designed as a closed loop system, so that when the products manufactured reach their end of life, they are transported to our partner recycling facility and brought back into the production chain.
  • Our Brooklyn Navy Yard headquarters are the first production facility to ever receive LEED gold certification.
  • Our venue, the Duggal Greenhouse, serves as a laboratory in new technology, utilizing solar energy, organic air purification and eco-friendly building practices.

While we are thrilled with the progress we’ve made, we are continuing to find new ways to make a difference and set an example. Our hope is that by taking a leadership position both in our industry and in the world, we will be able to influence our clients, suppliers, employees, partners, and even competitors to join us in making the right decisions toward a more sustainable future. See our official sustainability policy here.