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LED Lightboxes Are In

Techniques/ Tips

LED Lightboxes Are In

LED lightboxes are redefining custom displays with versatility, innovation, and next-level visuals. Ideal for a variety of eye-catching applications that reinforce branding, LED lights also yield significant energy savings.

Where You’ve Seen LED Lightboxes

Whether you realized it or not, you’ve probably seen LED lightboxes displayed in a variety of locations including the healthcare world, in retail stores, as window displays, in hotels, shopping malls, airports, entertainment venues, casinos, restaurants —the list goes on. Lightboxes are a prime advertising tool going above and beyond traditional display graphics.

Types of LED Lightbox Displays

LED lightboxes can easily be scaled and are the optimal choice for large format installations. They can be custom designed for either indoor or outdoor purposes, with ultra-thin LED snap frames to grand-format fabric lightboxes available. Graphics are printed on a variety of materials including backlit film, acrylic sheets, and fabric. Framing can be made thick to create depth and prominence, or take on a thinner, sleeker aesthetic.

LED lightboxes provide light that is bright and clear to illuminate any visual display. Depending on where you plan to install your LED display, there are some lighting factors that contribute to or take away from the quality of light produced, such as light intensity, color temperature, and placement of the LED strips.

Let’s Talk Technological Innovation

Backlit LED displays are the newest technology when it comes to lightbox displays. With the increasing size of visual displays, LED lights provide a bright and even distribution of light throughout the display surface. In addition, the color consistency that they hold can transform a space while maintaining their energy efficiency. It’s like creating sustainable art on a blank canvas for your brand.

Our design engineers at Duggal Visual Solutions work one-on-one with customers to decipher the different LED customization options available. Contact us today to discuss the potential benefits that LED lightboxes can bring to your next display.